We have recently been notified by the GSP Marine Unit that our inner tubes are considered “human powered boats” and are required to have the same safety equipment as a boat, canoe, kayak, ect…We will be providing our clients with an orange safety kit containing a boyant heaving line (floating rope) and a whistle (for emergencies only) that will be attached to the handle of the tubes and will float under your seat. Each tuber is now required to bring with him/her a lifejacket that fits properly. Unfortunately the lifejackets are NOT provided just yet but we will be purchasing some in the near future. So with all that being said…EVERYONE has to now bring with them a proper lifejacket or they will NOT be permitted on the bus heading to the entry point…no exceptions! (Everyone has to have it with them same as in a boat)…Happy & Safe tubing!

“We are a CASH only business” and “No pets allowed”

When are you opened?

We are open 7 days a week during the summer months’ weather permitting. The gate is open between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm.

What can I expect when I arrive?

When you arrive everyone MUST sign a waiver (no exceptions) then you will need to see a staff member to complete your payment. We only accept cash at this time. Once your payment has been received you will take a 15 to 20-minute bus ride up river where you will receive your tubes. A staff member will assist you. We do send you off with a kayak paddle to help maneuver around the branches you may encounter.

All participants 18 and older MUST sign a waiver and sign in the kids they are responsible for on the same page. All kids under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult on the water.

How Long is the float?

The float is between 2.5 to 4 hours depending on the wind and levels of the river.

How Much Does it Cost?

Costs are per tube. $8.00 for the 36 inch blue kids tube, $18 for 42 inch kids tube with cup holder, seat and back rest, $28 for 54 Inch adult tube with cup holder, seat and back rest and $23 for a cooler tube. Please note we only accept cash at this time and full payment is required before departure.

Do I Need Reservations?

Yes, reservations are required. Walk ins are subject to availability.

Other Important Information.

We require younger kids and non swimmers bring and wear a life jacket but they are not provided. We do have straps to tether the kids tubes to the adults if needed. We only accept cash at this time, we do not take deposits on credit cards due to the unpredictability of the weather. Littering along the river bank will absolutely not be tolerated, property owners along the river are encouraged to identify and report groups who litter, they will be put on a “no float” list, we just spent 9 years cleaning up this property, returning it to nature.


Alcohol is not permitted. Coolers and bags will be visually inspected.