• We are now closed for the season. See you next year!


We have recently been notified by the GSP Marine Unit that our inner tubes are considered “human powered boats” and are required to have the same safety equipment as a boat, canoe, kayak, ect…We will be providing our clients with an orange safety kit containing a boyant heaving line (floating rope) and a whistle (for emergencies only) that will be attached to the handle of the tubes and will float under your seat. Each tuber is now required to bring with him/her a lifejacket that fits properly. Unfortunately the lifejackets are NOT provided just yet but we will be purchasing some in the near future. So with all that being said…EVERYONE has to now bring with them a proper lifejacket or they will NOT be permitted on the bus heading to the entry point…no exceptions! (Everyone has to have it with them same as in a boat)…Happy & Safe tubing!

Come and enjoy an afternoon floating on the beautiful Vermilion river.

Chillin’ N Tubing offers it’s guests the opportunity to take a leisurely and family friendly tube float down the Vermilion River. The float is between 2.5 and 4 hours long depending on wind and level of the river. In the summer, the river has a slow moving current and is less than 3 feet deep in most places. Although there are a few deep pockets, you can stand up almost anywhere. Our tubes are high-quality and are designed specifically for river tubing.

You can Swim in the River!

You can swim in the river

Absolutely you can swim in the river. There are many beaches on your river tour that you can pull over at and have a swim. Please make sure you take your garbage with you. You can dispose of your trash when you return to our facility. Littering will NOT be tolerated!

A Bus Ride like no other!

When you arrive you will be taking a short bus ride up river where you will receive your tubes. From this point you will float down the Vermilion River back to Chillin’N Tubing secret headquarters. We bet you’ve never had a bus ride like this!

Check out these Rides!

river tubes

You will be floating down the Vermilion River on high quality river tubes. We have several tube types including adult, youth and children’s tubes. You may also want to reserve a cooler tube designed to fit up to a 50 quart cooler. Keep your snacks and drinks cold on your journey.

Get a drones eye View!

video tour of chillin n tubing

Check out our video tour to get a birds (or in this case drones eye view) of the Vermilion River. See your fellow tubers in action and get a feel for the beautiful environment you will be in. Don’t just sit there. Book your tube run!